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Alderfer/Three Sisters Park Trails

  • ★★★
  • 7 mile loop (flexible)
  • Elevation gain: 1,318 feet
  • 2-3 hours
  • Easy/moderately strenuous
  • Meadows, pine forest, rock formations, views of Evergreen

Distance from Denver: 40 minutes


Parking: Free

Alderfer/Three Sisters Park, located on the outskirts of popular mountain town Evergreen, Colorado, contains over 15 miles of trails that loop and intersect enough for you to create a hike to fit any amount of time or level of stamina. I recommend a 7 mile loop that allows you to see most of the park’s scenery.

Begin the hike at the Alderfer/Three Sisters Park Parking Lot  located on Buffalo Park Road. The small lot is usually full but there’s plenty of parallel parking along the road. From the lot, take the Hidden Fawn trail until it ends at the Sisters Trail – at which time you should take a right and climb to the top of the peak (one of the more strenuous parts of the hike). Once at the top, there are huge boulders on which you can climb to get a stunning panorama of the surrounding area.

As you head back down the hill, the trail is not very well-marked so it’s easy to go off-trail and end up struggling through brush – try to follow the widest path you see and turn around if things seem awry. At the bottom of the hill make a right onto the Bearberry Trail, then another right on the Mountain Muhly Trail which will take you into the quieter back section of the park and loop 2.5 miles back around to the Bearberry Trail at which point you should make a left and continue back to the Sisters Trail. Make a right there, a left on the Ponderosa Trail and keep right at the final fork to return to your car.


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