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Lost Lake Trail

  • ★★★★
  • 3.6 miles round trip (out & back)
  • Elevation gain: 777 feet
  • 2-3 hours
  • Easy to moderately strenuous
  • Rapids, a waterfall, & an alpine lake

Distance from Denver: 1 hour 15 minutes


Parking: Free

This hike offers a lot of bang for your buck – only a slight uphill climb but the opportunity to hang out at a beautiful mountain lake and see some great creek and waterfall views.

Begin the hike where 4th of July Road meets Hessie Road. The last mile to this point is a dirt road and after Hessie Road, the 4th of July Road is not maintained and only accessible by 4x4s. Park on the shoulder of the road near this junction and walk on the path along Hessie Road to the trailhead. After you cross the creek, you can either go straight on the main trail or make a left on a small side trail. The small side trail is more scenic, taking you along Middle Boulder Creek but be warned that it is not at all well-marked and is a bit difficult to navigate at times. The side trail connects back with the main path at a beautiful waterfall on the creek which you can access from either trail.

The remainder of the trail will take you uphill, eventually bringing Lost Lake into sight. A loop trail circumnavigates the lake and there are some nice boulders on which to rest. Follow the main path back to your car.

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